About Me

Currently, I am the Managing Director of User Experience for Tonic3, leading the work that focuses on building and delivering UX solutions. My team delivers work that solves the right problems – and is beautiful, practical, usable and scalable. I have more than 20 years of enterprise-level experience and specialize in UX problem analysis, user interface and interaction design, rapid prototyping, and the development of corporate UX standards.


The former Creative Director for Travelocity, my award-winning portfolio includes work for Citi, Intuit, Envestnet, AT&T, Expedia, Dish Network, MGM Grand, and many other internationally known brands. My  past speaking events include SXSW Interactive 2015 and TalkUX in Atlanta, and my logo design for the MGM Grand is one of world’s most recognized brand symbols.  I am passionate about the benefits of rapid prototyping and testing, and creating reusable components to decrease time to market.


UX Director, Dallas/Ft. Worth Area