Envestnet Advisor Now

Perhaps ENVESTNET CAN TELL The Story best....

Envestnet, a leading provider of unified wealth management technology and services, wanted to improve completion rates for its new Advisor Now product. Tonic3 was asked to identify major roadblocks and suggest solutions.

How it was done:


An initial two-day usability test with users allowed our User Research Director to determine pain points within the first version of Advisor Now’s user experience. We identified multiple opportunities to improve labeling, field input order, and clarify unfamiliar financial terms. After the first day of testing, I created rapid prototypes were to address these concerns, and a second round of testing was performed the next day. The revised prototype test results confirmed a dramatic improvement in Advisor Now’s users to complete tasks. Previous issues with overlooking or misinterpreting key input fields or information were resolved.


Based on these findings, Advisor Now product managers decided to make more sweeping changes to the user interface and flow. Over the next few months, I reworked the information architecture, task flows, and screen designs for Advisor Now's three separate personas. These highly complex HTML-based prototypes were frequently shared with Envestnet's development leadership in order to ensure our work could be easily integrated into Envestnet's advanced financial services framework.


Advisor Now's new launch-ready prototype was demonstrated to the international financial community at Envestnet's 2016 Financial Summit in Chicago, Illinois. My team enjoyed spotlighted attention during this event, and was able to gain important information on future Envestnet projects by speaking with the company's executive team and end users.

Additional Screens AND / OR Closeups

Marketing landing page for Advisor Now

Financial Checkup Results prototype. Contains interactive charts with active feeds from the customer's various financial institutions.


UX Director, Dallas/Ft. Worth Area