Fox International: Accounts Payable System

Fox International, a leading international television content provider, has an understandably complex accounting system which must deal with invoicing and payments across many countries, currencies, and remote teams.  While powerful, this system is sometimes hard to use and frequently causes input errors. I was asked to redesign a common problem area -- applying payments to invoices.

How it was done:

Video of Design Studio Session

VISUAL requirements GATHERING:
Bilingual, Remote Consensus Building

Fox stakeholders in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Peru were invited to attend a remote sketching session called a Design Studio.  A Design Studio, a rapid requirements gathering technique using sketches to uncover and prioritize requirements, is a highly effective approach for achieving consensus with individuals of varied backgrounds.


During the Design Studio, attendees were asked to sketch their ideas for the future workflow of this important accounting system. The free-flowing session was conducted in Spanish and English so each participant could express themselves easily.  I used a collaboration tool known as Mural which allowed real-time note taking, voting, and visually-driven discussions of each participant's sketches. From the features and elements prioritized by the participants, I was able to create a single composite sketch and document all the new application's requirements.

Next, I CREATED high-fidelity visual prototypes

After approval of the composite sketch by the Design Studio attendees, I created an HTML clickable prototype to demonstrate all the required functionality and behaviors.  This highly complex prototype was then used to gain real understanding and approval from all stakeholders, including Fox executives and the development team.

The final step was to prepare the Functional Specification documentation and full prototype code for delivery to Fox International's developers.

Video of Fox International's HTML prototype

Additional Screens AND / OR Closeups

Screenshot of Fox International's HTML prototype


UX Director, Dallas/Ft. Worth Area