Lennox: ICON

Lennox, a leading provider of high-efficiency HVAC systems, wanted to break into the building automation marketplace with a best-in-class product. This new cloud-based application is named ICON, and will be available to all Lennox Commercial HVAC customers.  Lennox realized that this product's complexity and mission-critical nature required an innovative design approach.

Here’s how we did it:

Tonic3 placeD LENNOX users at the center of the UX process

A targeted group of potential product customers were recruited to take part in a series of day-long sketching sessions called Design Studios.  Based on attendees’ simple visual sketches, the Design Studios process allowed participants to rapidly identify and prioritize key product requirements, and, ultimately, to come to a consensus on the product definition. Compared to a traditional “requirements doc” approach, the Design Studios process drastically reduced the time, effort and overhead of the project’s requirements-gathering phase.

Tonic3 builT high-fidelity prototypes FOR TESTING

In order to communicate the full user experience design to Lennox Marketing and Technology groups, the insights gained from the Design Studios were translated into clickable, high-fidelity HTML prototypes. I created the first round of prototypes to determine the new site's grid, typography, and overall look and feel. Subsequent pages and iterations were handled by UX Leads on my team.  These prototypes allowed the Tonic3 and Lennox project team to efficiently iterate the product design to its final functionality and display state.


Then, representative potential users were engaged for individual, hour-long tests in Tonic3's usability lab to verify that the project had met the features and functionality targeted in the Design Studio. When testing and prototypes were complete, we created highly detailed functional specifications, and delivered the working prototypes and complete FSDs to the Lennox Development team for final application coding (screen shot lower left).


UX Director, Dallas/Ft. Worth Area