Marti Gold

UX Director

My name is Marti Gold, and I am a User Experience Director practicing in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Unlike many who have recently transitioned into the UX field, I have been solving design problems my entire career – leading teams and producing great work for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 brands.

UX Director

Currently, I'm the Managing Director of User Experience for Tonic3


I am the author of "UX Style Frameworks: Creating Collaborative Standards."


I am a regular industry speaker at events such as SXSW,  TalkUX, and BigDesign

What Every UX Team Needs Most

All UX professionals agree that listening is a critical skill. We must listen to end users to discover their needs, and we must also listen to clients and customers to learn about their business and goals. But listening will only take a UX team so far. Teams also need the skills to interpret the information they gather, to see patterns and connections, and to translate those learnings in to physical deliverables that can be tested and evaluated.


Most of all, team members need the self-confidence to ask for help, to understand that design critiques are not personal, and that its okay to fail so long as they get up and try again. I believe that any team member can achieve this level of self-efficacy through consistent, objective feedback and well-communicated processes, working in an environment where colleagues are true partners rather than competitors.


See the Results: Recent Case Studies

Over my career, I've had the privilege to create designs for some of the world's largest brands. But more importantly, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with truly great designers, product managers, and developers – many of whom remain my friends today.  While I truly have more work than I could possibly post on one site, I have pulled a few very recent Case Studies to illustrate a wide range of  work – from field research to online marketing to cloud-based application development.



UX Director, Dallas/Ft. Worth Area